Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome to Undesigning Crafter's first posting...

I was having a hard time thinking of what I would like to call myself as a whole when it comes to crafting. So I have come up with "Undesigning Crafter". There are so many blogs out there with a lot information. Here I would like to post my works of art. In no particular order or way that would probably make sense to anyone else but me. So more or less this is a chronicle of my work as I make it.

In Canada, I have gone to many craft shows in my local town. I like to go to craft shows and display my work. I don't always sell my crafts but sitting there and meeting new people gives me a chance to get out and see other people and people who craft.  Walking around the other tables and seeing what the other crafters make inspires me to make new and original works.

I plan my first craft show at a local craft market here in Belgium. On December 10-11th, 2011. I will blog my way as I make crafts and post as much as possible. I am in the middle of house renovations so if I don't post for a week or so I shall return. All my crafts on this site are copyright material of Nancy Dort/Undesigning Crafter.

I am pondering whether I should make a book of all my crafts with tips and hints on how to make the crafts I create. E-books seem like the way to go these days so I have much work to do this year as I craft. My list of things to do this year are getting bigger by the minute...but isn't that always the way.


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