Monday, January 31, 2011

Wood Snowflakes

These little snowflakes will be included in the market. I spent 6 hours making these snowflakes. They sit on my desk while their nose dries. There will be more pictures of this ornament posted at a later date as it was this year gifts to my family in Canada. I also have 6 candy canes I am designing.

So the thing about these snowflakes is that they do not need a hanger attached to them. You just  place it at the tip of the branch then push the branch between the flake. I have tested 25 of them. My sister used these at the tip of the branches where she highlighted the new personalize angel balls I gave as  presents this year. You notice them right away with their little smiley face look right back at you. There are not too many ornaments out there that sit at the tip of the branch. In saying that I have a couple more ideas coming this year to occupy the tip of the branches for something new and exciting.

I will be creating other things than ornaments this year but at the moment I am in the mood to finish these up. Next up are the felt angel, new felt snowman angel, new felt penguin angel designs and possible pattern for these designs. I have not decided weather the PDF for the angels will be free. We will see. Have fun crafting!!


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