Thursday, February 3, 2011

Felt Angels

These were supposed to be gifts to my family but they got the new snowman angel instead. I assembled these this afternoon but have about 100 to go.

The angels will not be for public sale as these are not how I want them to appear. They are cute but I am not happy with the white dots on the cheeks so these ones will be on my tree.

And I figured out how to put the paint on the felt so it doesn't clump up, smudge or blot...shhhh it's a secret. You have to put paint on a Q-tip and then put a tiny bit of water. I always paint my finger nails which is funny because only the people who know me know it's paint not a bad nail polish job. I just use my nails to make sure it does not blob onto the project I am working. I have no idea if anyone else does that. Ah well, it is all good. Just have fun making crafts.

I am going to make a PDF for this for sale at some point this year. I am debating about going online to sell. For sure I will be making templates and making it into a kit. I think those things are always interesting. Price point I have not thought of just yet.


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