Friday, February 11, 2011

Passionate Purple Fairy

I created this fairy with a touch of copper and beads to try something a bit different. This fairy measures 20cm long from head to copper beads on the bottom. Well formed she will grace any area of the room with her presence. This Waldorf inspired fairy will be included in my inventory of things to sell at the Kerstmarkt.

I have other colours of merino wool but have not created any new ones lately. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as I will be posting  "Pretty in Pink" and "Winter Bliss".

Psst. They are not so hard to make once you get the technique down. The more I make the easier it gets and the less time it takes me to make them. Pipe cleaners, wool batting, merino wool and some wool hair is all that is needed.

If you are in the area I live in there is not a craft/hobby store around. The two stores I have gone to and are currently open. They have merino wool and pipe cleaners. DeBanier and Kreabo are both filled with lots of hobby tools and accessories. I really like the Kreabo because it is much bigger in supplies...a warehouse full of crafts and things.I could spend all day in there looking at everything and wanting to buy it all..haha. oh well, one craft at a time. I am closer to DeBanier but will frequent both as they have great supplies. It took me a long time to find these two places. There seems to be a demand for crafting but not too many store stay open in my area.


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