Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Charming Apple

Apple for the Teacher...
Wire wrapped with red beads and bit of weaving. This is a charm for appreciation to give to a great teacher. It will not rot or smell and will last a lifetime as teachers do make lasting impressions.

Hand crafted original design. You can use it as a key chain. Dangling from a briefcase or a purse. It will surely be an eye catcher and bring back fond memories of that year. Makes a great class gift.

Update: March 24,2011

I have included a rope necklace I made by braiding and a with copper clasp. This is my first attempt at making a clasp for a necklace so the next one will be less copper and more pleasing to the eye.

 Update: March 16, 2011
I was looking at the design and decided to move the ruby colour beads inside the apple. I will post the new photo soon. In the design process changes are made to modify to make the project unique and functional as best as possible.

*All copper base is recycled copper left over from renovations in progress*


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