Friday, March 4, 2011

Clay in motion

I have been working on some clay creations for this year. When designing the felt angel I bought some lovely little felt trees and stars to decorate the scarf but this year I could not find them. I had to come up with another solution for the design. I like to mold things so when I come across these cutters made for Christmas I knew I could use them for the scarf replacement of the felt ones.

There are a couple of sizes but I originally had these cutters in mind for one thing but as I made some bigger sizes I thought...why not some gift tags for everyone this year. I also have a the tree in three sizes along with a star.

Hand cut and stamped with Christmas motif these lovely tags would look fantastic on a gift for your loved one. Little things always make a big impact when putting the finishing touches on a gift.

Next week I will post the new Felt Penguin Angel Ornament. Don't forget to vote for your favorite craft. Everyone have a good weekend.


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Undesigning Crafter said...

Thank you for your kinds words. I try to make it simple as possible. I will be posting a new tutorial soon as I am working on it now. Feel free to subscribe to my blog or join the "Follow" with Google Friend Connect on the lower left side of this blog to get up to date information as I make my new postings. Have a great day!

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