Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Apple For The Teacher

An Apple for the teacher gift set.Wear them together or separately. Made with Polymer Clay and wire wrapped heart floating on a string. It will surely bring a smile to the one who receives these apples.

The rope is self adjusting so one size fits all. Wear it long or short. I was thinking of ways to make this set adjustable to any size and in my research I found a site that show different types of knots. This one suited my needs. Sliding knot. Easy to learn and very functional to this piece. If I can make something myself  I prefer to have control over all aspects. The red clay and green clay I choose have sparkles mixed in the clay. Very nice touch to show off the apple. I choose the Classic Polymer clay as the red color was the most vibrant as well with the green.

I have never used Polymer clay before but used Crayola Magic. So I have some experience with molding by hand so the tutorial I followed was very informative. I also made sure I followed the baking instructions. I was not prepared for the red to transfer to my skin so next time I use Polymer clay I will wear gloves.

NOTE: I would like to thank Amy from "the b-line" with her fantastic tutorial of  let's make {apple charms}. It was very easy to follow and with lots of photos.

UPDATE: 11/04/11

I found that the glue holding the wire in place inside the apple was not strong enough. I have made the apple more secure by drilling through the apple and using wire to keep it in place. Just in case those little fingers pull hard there is no way the apple will come off the wire.


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