Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tutorial ^ It's coming your way soon!

I have a couple of projects on the go right now as you see my postings uploaded fairly quickly today. It took me a long time to complete all these as I always make more than one and not less than 10 at a time. I have 16 other cork ornaments waiting to be finished painted as I type to you today. I will create a new tutorial by the end of September. I will probably make it a video tutorial. I haven't decided if I am going to do both a video or a PDF yet. I am in the process of making new ornaments for my family gifts.

*Tip for crafting for new comers. ~~ When starting a template always make more than one at a time to get the feeling for the craft and to save time while painting one takes foooreever to complete if you wait for the one project to fully complete. I always make a bunch and paint the project one layer on all then do the next layer. By the time I get to the last one piece you painted the first one is dry in most cases.

*Tip Paint brushes ~~ The first coat you paint on your project is the most important. If you use old brushes to begin a project or at any time during the painting process it will be bumpy, inaccurate and more difficult to paint the next layer. Always use good brushes and make sure your paint is not to liquid and not too thick. It may be difficult to do as a beginner but practices does make perfect....which I know everyone says at one point or another in books and magazines and such.


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