Monday, October 17, 2011

Pirate Pumpkin Costume

This is a new outfit I made for the kids today. I said I was going to make a pirate t-shirt as they already have a ghost and a bat.  Recycled old white t-shirt. The hat was made from recycled dress pants, the felt I had on hand already but is store bought...the main part of this craft is recycled. I began with two pieces of felt then sewed them as shown in the photo. Then I drew on the t-shirt inside out how big I wanted the hat over the pumpkin. I trimmed the access orange inside the hat before I closed the top of the hat to make the scull bones on top stayed white. I will finish it with white around the brim of the hat. Maybe a bit of sparkle afterwards..not sure yet. I did reverse applique on the teeth and scull areas. It's kinda cool. Never tried it before so I had fun doing it. The eyes are white felt with a blue button for the dark of the eyes.

From the time it took me to find everything I needed, design it on the shirt then sew it...took me just over 4 hours this morning...which makes it the afternoon now...phew time flies when you are sewing I tell yah! Forgot to eat lunch..haha. Happy crafting folks!

Pattern: I normally draw on the inside of the shirt to get the dimension correct then place fabric over the areas and cut to size. I don't use patterns for these kinds of projects but now I have it created so I will make a template for another.


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