Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shipwreck Wall Mural

I painted this mural one year for my oldest sister's birthday I think about 8 years ago. I designed this wall mural in high school...many moons ago but thought it would look great on her garage door. So, my youngest sister helped me transfer the painting to the garage door and we painted it the next day. Just a couple a days ago I received an email with the photo of the shipwreck renewed to its original glory. I also painted a lovely wall mural for my father one year for father's day. I don't have a photo here but if I can find it I will post it at a later date.

I have no formal training in the arts but it's fun trying all the different mediums.


Clinton Hurlburt said...

Nice! Creating a mural for your loved ones is probably one of the best birthday gifts ever. I mean, not everyone gets to be given an incredibly huge present like this one. I’m sure your dad was delighted after receiving your specially made mural for him. Anyway, do you have the picture already? I was hoping I could see your great work of art. =)

Clinton Hurlburt

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