Saturday, July 7, 2012

School Bells and Bookworm

The end of the school year is complete and the kids are home. I have been away from my blog for some time now but plan to get back to crafting in the beginning of the school year.  Once again I will blog my craft creations. Life happens so I go with the flow.

My creative side has missed the hands on touch and feel of newly created gifts for some special people that give our kids time to develop into the future generation. It is always difficult to find original gift ideas for teachers. I create new gift ideas twice a year. This year I had to create something that both male and female teachers could relate to. Not to girly but in the middle. I came up with this idea last year to create a bell but not just any bell. 

The bottom part of the bell is a acrylic painted terra cotta pot. I could not find handles in Belgium so I had some in Canada and took them here last Christmas to complete this idea. The worm is a bookworm bookmaker. You can not see in the photos here that the worm has tiny sparkles all over the clay.  


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