Monday, November 26, 2012

Snowman with Apple

An apple for a teacher is what the snowman brings to school. This is a unique gift for any teacher to hang on their door at home or at school. This snowman will bring Christmas joy to all who are near.

Hand painted and designed. This is made with recycled jeans. Acrylic painted and sealed. I am not sure what type of hanger I will make for this project but he seems pretty cute as he is laying flat.

I will update this at a later date as I have not decided what to use to hang it. There are more to come. I have already painted a gingerbread man and I have some really small pockets to paint to hang in a tree. Keep checking back over the next couple weeks to see what is coming next.

 Any comments are welcome on any ornament or project I have posted. Feel free to browse and check out the tutorials I have posted. 


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