Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Snowman Wishing On A Star

These Snowmen are wishing on a star. Each with their own expression. No two are exactly the same. Working free hand gives these ornaments a great variety of expressions and how cute is that. Now is the hard part ... to pick which one you like best.

Up next are some adorable mittens ornaments and pins. Keep a look out for more snowman to come in the next coming week or so.

Material: Acrylic paint, cork coaster, hole puncher. 

Just a quick note about my work. All my designs take time to make. I spend at least five weeks before Christmas designing these ornaments and gifts.  Sometimes I only get to make them over two years or many years. If I design something and can't get the supplies it takes a long time. For example, below are the candles for the teachers gifts. I designed them two years ago and only this year I can make them. I found the supplies I needed and they turned out just like I planned. The image of the angel was a recent decision.

If you like my designs link back here. Please read the disclaimer below about copyright material. If I use a picture or I like a design and make it for personal I link back to the image or craft. As I like to make things I see, I like to say to check the original design. If I can't find the original link I mention it and you can look for yourself.

It's a busy time of the year. Lets all buy local handmade crafts or better yet make it yourself. Happy Crafting!!!


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